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Helpcentral accepts all types of gifts you have to support the needy (e.g food, groceries, fairly-used clothes, books, household items, toiletries) as well as monetary donation.

Helpcentral services are 100% free to both donors and beneficiaries. Helpcentral does not charge donors for pick-up and delivery of donated items and no platform fee is charged. However, all monetary donation received by charitiesthrough our Payment Processors are subject to a Payment Processor Fee for each donation. Donors have the option to cover all Payment Processor Fees at checkout.

Helpcentral helps you give your own way. At the point of posting your gift, you can select the option to connect directly with the beneficiary (which means that you prefer to deliver it to the beneficiary personally) and contact details of the beneficiary will be mailed to you. If you did not indicate that you want to connect with beneficiary directly, Helpcentral or its charity partner or volunteer will pick-up the gift from you on the scheduled date, time and place.

Helpcentral will give you a notification when gift is delivered to your beneficiary.

You may choose a beneficiary from the list of verified charities based on the category of causes you care about or that uses the gift. If you do not have any preferred beneficiary, Helpcentral will suggest to you charities or non-profit around you that need your gift. You will be asked to turn on your location on your device to use this feature.

Click the withdraw button on your dashboard. If you are withdrawing funds for the first time, Helpcentral will validate your BVN and bank account to be sure that funds are paid to the correct beneficiary.

Please note : that we may place a hold on withdrawal from a campaign account or take similar actions to protect our Usersif we have reason to believe that information provided by a Beneficiary is false, misleading, or fraudulent, or that funds are being raised or used in a suspicious, fraudulent or prohibited manner or if we have reason to believe that a Beneficiary has violated the Terms of Use or any law.

Register to receive on the platform. You will be asked to submit proof of registration as a non-profit and license (where applicable). Helpcentral will authenticate your email and conduct due diligence on your application. You will be informed when you have been verified and can start receiving donations.

Yes, Helpcentral accepts donation of good cooked food provided this is posted at least 12 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Yes. We appreciate everyone who takes a stand with us to reach more people in need. To donate to Helpcentral, use the cash donation feature and select Helpcentral as the beneficiary on the list of beneficiaries

Yes. Please send an email to [email protected]. We also enable our Users to do a public review of Verified Charities by posting a comment on their profile

To discontinue the recurring donation plan, simply Unsubscribe when the email reminder is sent to you before a debit. You can also send an email to [email protected] to let us know you no longer wish to continue your donation.

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